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Seven Score Characters: The Gettysburg Tweet

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Learning from Twitter: History so far? Too many words! Less says more.

In yr 3000 history, Gutenberg Bible to Tweets just 1 chapter: “Published Word”. All US history? Just 1 more.

To speak to future, use future’s language and standards!

By future stds: Gettysburg Address, short? Give me a break! (Why! won’t! he! get! to! the! point!?) #lincolnfail

As favor to progeny, the Gettysburg Address, in format not tl;dr…

The Gettysburg Tweet.

Saving history for future readers needs many ruthless editors. Next up: trim all Wikipedia articles to <=140 characters. #twitpedia

«87yr ago natl dads: “All equal.” War tests. Battle hallowed ground > our words. We vow: dead not in vain, govt of/by/for peeps here 4 keeps» - Honest Abe Lincoln, Gettysburg National Cemetary

Written by gojomo

2009-06-24 at 01:34

Up in the future

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Some thoughts on new horizons for online writing:

Up in the future, the end will be the beginning.

Written by gojomo

2009-06-06 at 00:18

General Motors at NationalizedYet, ReprivatizedYet

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General Motors is bankrupt and the federal government has taken a controlling stake. NationalizedYet and ReprivatizedYet have been updated

NationalizedYet may need a third column between ‘yes’ and ‘no’, for companies where the executive branch has been acting like the owner, even without a formal majority interest. Chrysler, Citibank, and Bank of America could fall into that category.

A capital infusion around May 21 may have given the government a majority stake in GMAC, but it seems a formal announcement of GMAC’s new capital structure may not come until further fundraising is completed. For now GMAC still lives in the ‘no’ column

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2009-06-02 at 00:55

You break it, you bought it: UAW and Chrysler

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Written by gojomo

2009-04-29 at 10:30

Renaming swine flu? Try 09flu / ‘ohnine flu’

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Pork producers don’t like the name ‘Swine Flu’ — it’s scaring people from pork products, even though there’s no flu risk from pork meat.

Israel has already gone to calling it ‘Mexican Flu’, because pigs are unclean in Jewish (and Muslim) doctrine, and there’s no point adding insult to infection when talking about victims.

An anti-immigration group has run with ‘Mexican Flu’, at one point even calling it ‘killer Mexican Flu,’  but I wouldn’t advise them to hold their breath waiting for that to catch on.

What’s needed is a neutral but accurate and descriptive name.

US authorities have started to lean toward ‘H1N1 Flu’, but I can’t see that having legs. It’s too abstract for common use, and in fact there are lots of H1N1 flu viruses — it’s a whole family, and another common strain this last winter flu season was apparently also an H1N1.

I propose instead: 09flu, or ohnine flu. It’s the notable new flu of 2009. This name is vivid, understandable, and the rhyme with ‘swine’ could help its adoption as a drop-in replacement.

HHS, DHS, USDA, CDC — try it. Pork lobby — you can thank me with bacon.

(Who’ll be unhappy with this name? Maybe San Francisco 49er fans, especially after we start calling 09flu sufferers ‘niners’.)

Written by gojomo

2009-04-29 at 00:15