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A Modest Proposal for Random & Compulsory Adoptions by Same-Sex Couples

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More of a same-sex triple, but you get the idea.

There’s a heartwarming story at the New York Times, “We Found Our Son in the Subway“. You should check it out. Really, I’ll wait… the rest of this post won’t make sense until you’ve read it.


It strikes me that the judge managed, on an ultra-compressed timescale, to provide this same-sex couple the same experience of surprise parenthood that alt-sex couples may have through an unplanned pregnancy.

This principle could be advanced more systematically. That is, perhaps adoption by same-sex couples should not just be permitted, but random and compulsory. If you’re married and of child-rearing age, you might be assigned a baby!

The agency making the assignments can be called the State Taskforce Organizing Reproductive Co-equality, or STORC. So when these children ask where they came from, the happy parents can honestly say, “the STORC dropped you off”.

Written by gojomo

2013-02-28 at 21:35