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Prime Minister Cameron and Prince Zuckerberg

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Prime Minister David Cameron is leader of the United Kingdom, a parliamentary democracy of 62 megacitizens that is hundreds of years old. Prince Mark Zuckerberg is Chief Executive of Facebook, a networked-membership corporate principality of 500 megacitizens that is just over 6 years old. The two nations share over 20 megacitizens.

Here we see Cameron and Zuckerberg’s exchange, on the occasion of the UK Government reaching out to Zuckerberg’s citizenry for economic advice.

By traditional standards of status, decorum and context, this exchange looks all wrong. One of these people certainly doesn’t belong. But given the aesthetics of the presentation — either embedded here or at YouTube — it’s hard to say which one. Bravo to Cameron for trying something new — and giving us a glimpse of international relations to come.

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2010-07-09 at 09:58

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